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Świdnica is located in the south-western part of the Poland, in the immediate vicinity of the A4 motorway, which is part of the European transport route E-18 (Hamburg-Odessa), located 50 km from Wrocław, 350 km from Berlin, 120 km from Prague and 380 km from Vienna . Świdnica Municipality has about 61,000 inhabitants. Plot no. 1577 and 1578 AM 5, with a total built-up area of 20589 m2 building plant. The whole area is a flat area, stocked with all the media. The area of the property is fenced. The property has access to a public road with asphalt pavement. Getting very good. The biogas plant has been designed and constructed as biogas power plant NAWARO type. The plant was inaugurated on 30 June 2011.

Due to the applied technology and raw materials produced in the company energy has the status of electricity from renewable sources of energy. Distributors with a license to distribute electricity are obligated by polish law to purchase a certain amount of electricity from renewable sources. The legislature has determined that it should be 10.4% in 2010, and gradually increase to 12.9% in 2017 in the total amount of energy distributed in the country. Currently on the market there is a shortage of "green" energy and, according to experts in the near term, it is not possible to fill this niche. Thus, the market for electricity from renewable energy sources is a market producer - demand exceeds supply. Due to the favorable location guarantees ease of integration to the grid and at the same time, to the municipal heating network, combined with the proximity of suppliers fields substrates, it is perfect location for investment. In addition, it must be emphasized that the infrastructure facility location area creates a real possibility for the sale of the energy produced to individual customers in the local community.

The plant has installed and connected to the grid power of 0.9 MW. Average monthly production of electricity (based on data from January to March 2013) amounted to 553 094 kWh. The calculated average monthly power Biogas plant (based on data from January - December 2013) amounted to 768 kW. Composition and quantity of biogas: CH4 - 50-54%, CO2 - 46-50% O2 - 0.1- 0.2% H2S - 70-230 ppm. Average monthly amount used for the production of biogas (based on data from January to December 2013) amounted to 272 846.3 m3. The biogas plant has a valid, decision No 117/11, dated 30 June 2011, to permit the use of biogas plants built with a capacity of 0.9 MW (object category XVIII) with technical infrastructure.

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the plot no. 1577 and 1578 AM 5, No. 0003 Fabryczna
land register no. SW1S / 00073931/3
area 2,0589 ha
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city Świdnica
address Metalowców Street 22
municipality Swidnica
province dolnośląskie
19 100 000,00 PLN
Valuation made by an independent valuer in 2014

Property is not exposed to any credit

Additional informations
Built with the biogas plant buildings with a capacity of 0,9 MW

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