Kompleks inwestycyjny

Property overview

Area of approx. 25 ha including:

  • buildings with slaughter: 5 ha
  • land investment approx. 20 ha

Surface of buildings - 7852.19 m²

The market value of the building and technological processing - 5 155 740,00 PLN

The value of existing slaughter line - 1 442 815,00 PLN

Replacement value of existing facilities - 13 171 100,00 PLN

Total market value about 19 000 000,00 PLN


The building was built on the basis of the approved project and building permits. The building consists of slaughterhouses and cold rooms. Technological devices have been installed to transport and cutting animals. Systems: electronic, telephone, technological, sanitary and storm.

  • Usable area: 1846.00 m²
  • Building area: 2116.60 m²
  • Volume: 20712.40 m³


The property consists of a building service with reinforced concrete pumping station and reservoirs (chambers) for sewage. Four chamber with a volume of approximately 500 m³.

Installations: electrical, ventilation and water - sewage. Usable area: 104.38 m²


Two-storey building on the ground floor with office space on the first floor designed to accommodate workers. In addition, the floor has a living area finished with high quality materials for managment. The building has two separate entrances.

Systems: electric, central heating with own boiler, lightning, water supply, sewerage and telephone.

  • Usable area: 462.88 m²
  • Cubic capacity of 1752.77 m³


Building in the raw state built on the basis of existing facilities for the purpose of the meat processing plant. Storey building.

  • Usable area: 2257.31 m²
  • Building area: 2521.10 m²


Building partially single-storey, part two-storey. Installations: electricity, water.

  • Usable area: 794.20 m³
  • Cubic capacity of 2685.10 m³


  • Usable area: 794.20 m³


The building in the central part of property. The building has steel pens from the ramp to the purchase of livestock.

Boiler house equipped with two boilers Fine coal 2 * 240 kW

  • Installations: electricity, water.
  • Wash - storey building.
  • Usable area: 1097.65 m²
  • Building area: 1583.40 m² including:
    • building purchase: 941.30 m²
    • boiler room: 91.95 m²
    • wash: 64.40 m2


Storey building for the disposal of waste products.

  • Usable area: 717.09 m²
  • Building area: 1072.81 m²

BUILDING water pump from deep wells:

  • Usable area: 58,24 m²
  • Building area: 72.00 m²

BUILDING Concierge:
storey building

  • Usable area: 14.42 m²
  • Building area: 22.25 m²

BUILDING WEIGHT With weighbridge 25 tons.

Object weighbridge 25 tons with current legalization.

The project is located among state forests, paved access to the object. The perfect place for any activity even onerous. Accommodating the municipality.

Property info

plot no. 241/1, 114.124, 271.140, 241/6 and 241/9, cadastral unit 040809_2 Wielgie, 0010 Wielgie;
  299, 300 and 64/1, cadastral unit 040809_2 Wielgie, 0018 Teodorowo;
KW no. 8042, 25819, 26094, 2870;
plot area 25 ha
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city Piaseczno
municipality Wielgie
7 500 000,00 PLN / net

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